Vibrations in an autogyro: a Vicoter matter

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Authors:   Eng. Potito Cordisco, Senior Project Manager, Vicoter Eng. Mauro Terraneo, Chief Technical Officer, Vicoter Autogyros are very special flying machine. Similar, at first glance, to the helicopters, they share with their more known cousins only the use of rotating … Continua

Certification of Trakka camera for helicopter flight

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To obtain the permit to flight, new equipments installed on a helicopter need to be evaluated even against vibratory behaviour.Engineers of Vicoter ( were called from the DOA Boggi Aeronautics ( to perform the experimental tests needed to demonstrate the … Continua

Characterization of the dynamic behaviour of the Aries hexacopter

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Authors:    Eng. Potito Cordisco, Senior Project Manager, VicoterEng. Mauro Terraneo, Chief Technical Officer, Vicoter Drones are liable to high vibratory levels generated by the rotors and eventually amplified by the resonances of the structure. Slenderness of the arms supporting … Continua

Design of a solar tracker for wind loads

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The increasing demand of green energy brought to a request to improve the efficiency of solar panels and of their capability to generate electricity. Among the various solutions studied and developed, the most diffused one is, for sure, the solar … Continua

Analisi di certificazione a flutter del velivolo Alpi Aviation P300

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Vicoter ha terminato le GVT (Ground Vibration Test) e i calcoli di flutter del Pioneer P300 prodotto da Alpi Aviation ( L’attività, svolta al fine di ottenere la certificazione DULV del velivolo, è stata eseguita in due fasi successive: Misura … Continua