Vicoter is currently also involved in a second project co-funded by the European Union, entitled EMS UHPE, which is part of the Clean Sky 2 research program and is expected to end in 2021. The objectives of this project are mainly three:

  1. Assist the engine and structure manufacturer in the evaluation and selection of the most promising and suitable technologies for the realization of an innovative engine support system, allowing a significant jump in performance (mainly weight and dynamic behavior), in production and assembly EMS.
  2. Develop, design, build and test the selected technologies.
  3. Design, build and test a conventional engine mounting system for the ground test of a UHPE motor, compliant with the Topic Manager requirements and using the appropriate safety margins.

Within this project, Vicoter has two main tasks: from an experimental point of view, the company is involved in the design of the benches and in the instrumentation of the tests. From a numerical point of view, Vicoter is focusing on the analysis of the finished elements of the structure, in order to define the best solution to transfer the load from the pylon to the engine, taking into account the dynamic restrictions provided by the Topic Manager.

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