Measure of the “Silent Eco Wing” effects on a helicopter blade dynamic

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Authors:   Eng. Potito Cordisco, Senior Project Manager, VicoterEng. Mauro Terraneo, Chief Technical Officer, Vicoter Nowadays, one of the main limitations to the intensive use of helicopters over inhabited centres is the large amount of noise they emit during operations. Therefore, … Continua

Vibration compliance for helicopter battery substitution

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Compliance with the paragraph ‘CS 27/29.251 – Vibrations requirements’ has the objective of preventing the risk of excessive vibration and to mitigate the risk of damaging primary structures and systems. Conformity must be addressed at Rotorcraft level and at Assembly/Part … Continua

Modal analysis of a 20 meters long wind turbine blade

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Vicoter ( is a consulting company that has been operating in the field of mechanical structures and measurements for more than ten years, mainly in the dynamics sector. Its main activities concern the experimental survey of vibrations and noise, the … Continua

Design of a solar tracker for wind loads

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The increasing demand of green energy brought to a request to improve the efficiency of solar panels and of their capability to generate electricity. Among the various solutions studied and developed, the most diffused one is, for sure, the solar … Continua

On-ground and in-flight vibratory tests of an AS350 helicopter rear-view mirror

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Vicoter ( è una società italiana che da più di dieci anni opera in vari settori (aerospazio, automotive, energia) per la misura sia statica, sia dinamica di strutture meccaniche. La sua principale competenza riguarda l’esecuzione di analisi modali e il … Continua

Analisi modale di componenti HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service)

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Lo scopo del test è stato la verifica del comportamento dinamico di componenti HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) che andranno installati su un AgustaWestland AW169. In particolare, si sono misurate le frequenze proprie di un MMC (Modular Medical Cabinet). Il … Continua