• Static test on structural componets
  • Buckling test on cylindrical panels
  • Material characterization test
  • Material characterization test
  • Buckling test on composite panels
  • Fatigue test on structures and components

What is structural testing?

Although nowadays the use of virtual prototyping techniques is fully developed, the experimental phase remains an essential part of engineering. Tests, in fact, are still today the only way accepted by certifying entities to validate the structures under investigation.


Why should you choose Vicoter?

Structural tests are the most expensive part of the whole design activity and, therefore, their design and their execution cannot be entrusted to inexperienced staff. 

Vicoter is able to design and perform different types of tests, making use of advanced equipment and highly qualified staff, ensuring you the highest standards for tests running and for data acquisition. We perform, also on full-scale structures:

  • material characterization test
  • static test
  • fatigue test
  • impact test
  • buckling test

Vicoter is able to plan even complex test campaigns: its approach consists in the use of numerical solutions that through the principles of Design of Experiments ( DoE ) is used to determine the minimum number of tests needed to provide all the information you seek. This approach allows your company to greatly reduce the time and costs associated with the experimental activities.

To companies with their own test equipment, Vicoter provides its experience giving assistance from the design phase of the test to tests realization and results post-processing.

To customer without their own test equipment, our company ensures the optimum test standards by providing necessary spaces and equipment for the highest performances.