• Aeronautic Helmet Acoustic Analysis
  • Acoustic Measures

What is it?

The study of sound emission (vehicles, appliances, equipment, machinery, etc..) became for many companies, in last few years, more and more important, both to comply with the noise standards, and to be competitive on the market, providing customers with more and more comfortable products.

Although the integrated acoustic design is the most effective method to get products at low-noise level, the “a posteriori” solution remains the most common way to operate.


Why should you choose Vicoter?

Vicoter is able to deal with noise problems both in the design phase (designing structural solutions that ensure minimal noise generation), and “a-posteriori”, developing ad-hoc solutions for noise reduction.

Our company adopts both passive approaches, exploiting the capabilities of some dissipative materials or components to disperse the “noisy” energy of the system, and active approaches, inserting dampers in systems requiring energy from external sources.

In particular, Vicoter is able to execute:


  • structural design characterized by low noise emission
  • acoustic characterization of plants and facilities
  • identification of noise sources
  • noise reduction, with active and/or passive solutions.