• Structuraly optimized wing box
  • Wing optimization for buckling load

What is it?

Optimization can be defined as the branch of the math which searches for values minimizing or maximizing a function subjected to constraints.

Generally, because of the complexity of the phenomena, the analytical solution in closed form does not exist. However, the exponential growth in computational capabilities of modern computers has made it possible the implementation of numerical methods (such as the gradient method or the genetic algorithms) able to find a solution.

Furthermore, optimization methods are now also able to investigate the robustness of the configuration found. This makes it possible to highlight problems during the design phase, so to select the best configuration among several apparently good solutions.


Why should you choose Vicoter?

A gear design, the reduction of the weight of a wing, the determination of the best lamination sequence of a composite product or the choice of the components of a circuit able to satisfy specific requirements: all these problems can be faced and solved using optimization calculations.

Vicoter methodology allows you to optimize your product before manufacturing it, allowing your company to be more competitive on the market, thanks to the possibility to quickly analyze multiple solutions and to choose the best one among them.

We are able to design and carry out optimization analysis based on the commercial optimization code Nexus*, produced and distributed by iChrome*, allowing you to define and solve multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization problems in a quick and highly efficient way, thanks to the possibility of interfacing with the most common FE software on the market.


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