On-ground and in-flight vibratory tests of an AS350 helicopter rear-view mirror

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Vicoter (www.vicoter.it) is an Italian company that for more than ten years has been operating in various sectors (aerospace, automotive, energy) for both static and dynamic measurement of mechanical structures. Company’s main expertise concerns the execution of modal analyses and … Continued

Vibration verification test on a helicopter external mirror

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With well-established methodology, Vicoter performed the vibratory tests of a new setup for a rear view mirror to be installed on an AW109 helicopter produced by Leonardo Helicopters. The activity, commissioned by Boggi Aeronautics (www.boggiaeronautics.eu), was held at the helipad … Continued

Flutter certification analysis of the Alpi Aviation P300 aircraft

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Vicoter completed the GVT (Ground Vibration Test) and flutter calculations of the Pioneer P300 produced by Alpi Aviation (www.alpiaviation.com). The activity, carried out in order to obtain the DULV certification of the aircraft, was carried out in two successive phases: … Continued

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