CENTROTECNICA was founded in 1979 in Milan, Lombardia. One of the world’s epicenters for hi-tech SMEs and ideal environment for its growth and development. The core business currently regards the checking, measuring, and reproduction of vibrations. The company is now a world leader, with the most complete testing house in Europe. The extent to which they cover the sector is unequalled anywhere in Europe and probably the rest of the world as well. This understandably sets CENTROTECNICA apart from all others who analyze and reproduce vibrations.
Find out more at: https://www.centrotecnica.net/en/company.html

A-CUBED TECHNOLOGY includes a group of experienced people with a strong background on: aeroelasticity and control, including both applications and development of dedicated software tools; adaptive structures including morphing; design and testing, including wind tunnel test on aeroelastic models. Company’s experience is based on a long track of collaborations during last 10 years in many national and international projects, specifically EU funded projects under Framework 5, 6 and 7 and including Cleansky 1 and 2. People at A-Cubed Technology are the founder of NeoCASS Open Source Project!
Find out more at: https://www.acubedtechnology.com/

BASSOCONTINUO founded in a small laboratory in Bergamo (ITALY) in 2008. Thanks to perseverance and experience, during the years makes its way on international markets, apparently overflowed. Nowadays Bassocontinuo exports over 40 countries in the world, thanks to important partnership and qualified dealers. Since the beginning the core business is based on two main factors: a scientific approach on vibrations problem (cooperating with a very important independent laboratory which makes accelerometric analysis) and a strongly “design oriented” approach because each rack it’s first of all a furniture (so it has to be nice to see).
Find out more at: https://bassocontinuo.biz/