Dynamic tests on a hexapod system

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Vicoter has accomplished the dynamic characterization of X620ET hexapod, mounting a simulator cabin. The device is produced by GIEI srl through its brand Xesa Systems (www.xesasystems.com) and the tests were performed in its Cremona headquarter. Focus of the testing campaign was the measurement of the performances of the system in terms of maximum acceleration at different, low, frequencies along all the mutual orthogonal directions, translational and rotational both.

A setup of 10 triaxial accelerometers, 6 on the upper hexagon, 1 on the cabin floor and 3 on ground, has been employed in order to recover ODS (Operational Deflection Shape) of the hexapod during the movement.

Various sinusoidal movements, different in frequency and nominal amplitude, were applied along all the axes. Three translational steps and three rotational steps, along mutual orthogonal directions, have been realized and acquired too.

FRFs (Frequency Response Function) between the moving part and the control signal have been acquired and from these data the performances of the hexapod have been evaluated.